Safe cycling on Anglesey

Unsurprisingly, when planning and leading our Guided Bike Tours on Anglesey, your safety is paramount! That’s why we took the decision to cancel tomorrow’s planned guided cycling tour to Ynys Cwyfan, Church in the Sea, and refund our customers. We hate to disappoint our customers, but our aim is to offer safe and pleasant guided… Continue reading Safe cycling on Anglesey

Cycling to Ynys Llanddwyn – your route to get there

One of the easiest and most magical bike rides on Anglesey has to be a day trip to Newborough forest, to access Ynys Llanddwyn Island on foot. The cycle route provides one of the longest most traffic- free cycle routes on Anglesey

Anglesey is such a great location for cycling

This map records all the roads the author has cycled on Anglesey!

With so many quiet roads, Anglesey is a great location for cycling. I describe what’s available, from leisure guided tours to road races and triattthlons.

New company brings Guided Bike Tours to Anglesey

A group of cycists on a Guided Bike Tour leave Eglwys Llangadwaladr Church, Anglesey on an Explore Churches exclusive tour.

We are a new company prviding Guided Bike Tours on Anglesey, here’s our launch media release telling you more about coming on a cycle ride with us.

‘What’s different about Wales?’

We probably take sheep for granted in our Welsh landscape.

What do I take for granted when I’m cycling around Anglesey? Here, I’m trying to see the island with a visitor’s eye to discover what might be new and unfamiliar.

Spring squill and skylarks

The ruins of the church dedicated to to Dwynwen, patron Saint of Welsh lovers, Ynys Llanddwyn.

A short,quick cycle turns into a great day out as I wander around Llanddwyn Island o Anglesey , while recceing a Guided Bike Tour route.