Announcing our presence!

New company brings Guided Bike Tours to Anglesey Having written this in early 2020, ready for a ‘launch’ in Spring of that year, our ‘launch’ media release has been re-written a few times since, and was shared with the media recently. Here it is: As we prepare to enjoy holidays at home in the UK,… Continue reading Announcing our presence!

Churches off the beaten track – a ‘recce’ for some fascinating Guided Cycling Tours

A serendipitous virtual meeting in the otherworld of cyberspace, led to a great day out recently, despite there not being a bike in sight! Green Lane Bike Tours has been commissioned to lead a couple of pilot events for Explore Churches. Explore Churches encourages people to visit churches, chapels and sacred spaces and places. Their… Continue reading Churches off the beaten track – a ‘recce’ for some fascinating Guided Cycling Tours

There are no billboards here

What’s different about Wales?’ I once asked an American, recently moved here, ‘There are no billboards here,’ she replied, and that got me thinking. I hope that I appreciate many things about my native country; its small size, its mountains, hills, moorland, and coastline, all in convenient proximity here in north Wales, but I’d never… Continue reading There are no billboards here

Spring squill and skylarks

What began as a quick cycle to measure and assess an alteration to one of our routes ended up as a grand day out, as often happens. You can’t but take in and enjoy the world around you when you’re on a bike- your surroundings are so immediate. The first warm Spring day had brought… Continue reading Spring squill and skylarks