Day Guided Bike Tours

Our guided bike rides provide you with an ideal day’s cycling on Anglesey. They won’t be challenging, we want our riders to enjoy their cycling experience and be comfortable. 

We’ll take you cycling to a variety of different locations.

Rides will be easy-going. We’ll cover between 10-25 miles with plenty of points of interests and views and plenty of breaks.

The Guided Tours are all circular routes – so begin and end at the same location, and generally follow quiet roads and cycle tracks.

Currently, we’re leading bike rides on Saturdays all year, and Wednesdays or Thursdays through the summer (from April to the end of October).

You need to be aged 16+ and sufficiently confident and skilled to ride along in a group – but our pace will be set by the group’s ability to stay together.

Routes may change due to weather conditions.

Bring your own bike or hire through us (your bike will be delivered to our start poit). We welcome electric bikes and also have them for hire from our partners.

Bespoke tours can be arranged for groups. Should you want a more challenging ride, we can devise new routes tailored to your needs. Please contact us, but bear in mind that we will need more time to devise and pre-ride a suitable route to keep you challenged!

We are qualified to lead children with their parents and are happy to do so on bespoke tours.

Advanced booking is essential.

What do I need for a day’s cycling on Anglesey?

If you are bringing your own bike, please ensure that it has been recently maintained, with working brakes and fully inflated tyres. Bring your spare inner tube(s) and puncture repair kit, if you have one, and your helmet.

You may find it useful to bring a ruck-sack to carry any spare clothing that you may want to bring with you in case it rains- or take off if you get too hot and a drink to quench your thirst during the cycle.

What should I wear on my bike tour?

As well as a cycle helmet, cyclists often like to wear gloves to protect their hands or keep them warm, though these are not strictly necessary. Padded cycling shorts can also add a level (or layer!) of comfort, but again are not necessary.

You are advised to wear protective footwear and clothing- shoes which cover the feet and clothing which can protect you from the elements or against abrasions. Avoid any belts, ties or strings that could get caught in chains or spokes.

Not all our rides have cafés just where we’d want them – so ask where the café is on your ride!

We will provide cycle helmets with bike hire and our policy is that all riders should wear helmets while on our rides (we may have a spare shuld you forget yours).

As with any outdoor activity, cycling has risks. We ask all our participants to respect their own safety and the safety of all the other members of the group.

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