Prehistoric Anglesey

Bodowyr burial chamber, seeen on our Prehistoric Anglesey Bike Tour.

🚴‍♀️ 14 Miles
🌄 Around 850′
🥪 Cafe

Anglesey is world renowned as the ancestral home of the ancient Druids. On our cycle-route, we combine some of the best of Anglesey’s prehistoric remains. We travel through the Neolithic to Romano-British, Bronze and Iron Age archaeological sites, which were significant to the early Celts. 

The Druids’ sacred oak groves may be gone, but enigmatic remnants of their culture remain in the form of standing stones, burial chambers and the remains of homes and defended communities. These continue to tantalize us.

A significant landscape

The island boasts more ancient monuments per square mile than any other part of the UK.  We follow the Braint valley, home to Anglesey’s longest river. This was a significant landscape for the early Celts, which is reflected in the number of prehistoric remains which scatter the valley and look outwards towards the mountain and mountain passes of Eryri (Snowdonia).

You will enjoy interesting and rewarding views towards Eryri as we cycle along the shore of the Menai Strait. We visit Bryn Celli Ddu, Anglesey’s most important and iconic prehistoric site. We also visit four other sites: Cae’r Leb, Bodowyr Burial Chamber, and the Romano-British Castell Bryn Gwyn and its associated standing stones.

Bring your adventurous spirit! There is around 1 mile of walking along public footpaths through fields which may include passing through horses and cattle, and mud.

This Guided Bike Ride is 14 miles.

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