Salty tales for cyclists

🚴‍♀️ 14 miles / 22.5 km
🌄 600′ / 183 m
🥪 Community Café

Starting at the pretty fishing village of Cemaes, Wales’ most northerly community, on this guided bike tour, we cycle within sight of the coast, before looping inland on this scenic rural and gently undulating ride along quiet lanes, more populated by walkers than cars.

Along the way, we’ll visit Cemlyn lagoon and nature reserve, the home of thousands of endangered terns, elegant seabirds who nest on the lagoon islands over the summer months.

Before the advent of the modern road network, the seas were our communication highways, so it’s no surprise that Anglesey has a long history of seafaring!

We’ll share stories from Anglesey’s maritime history, including tales of those who profited legally and illegally from a seafaring life and of those early pioneers who put their own lives at risk to safeguard seafarers caught in a storm. You’ll hear at first hand from an Eighteenth-century squire and diarist, among others, how essential seaborne cargoes were for everyday life in rural Anglesey.

We’ll break the journey with lunch or a choice of magnificent cakes (or both!) at the delightful community café at Llanfechell.

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